We firmly believe in responsible betting and our duty in this regard. For more details on our responsible gambling policy, please refer to the “Responsible Gambling” section of the Website that we are committed to comply with. Our gambling policy sets out the complete details about how you can, at any time, by merely notify us, apply the limitation of the bet amounts, losses and deposits in relation to your Account, as well as the time you spend on the Account.

If the gambling organizer finds that a client shows clear signs of gambling addiction, it will proceed to closing the game account, and to the remittance of the amounts existing in its balance to the registered payment method, in accordance with the provisions of art. 10 paragraph (3) section (vi) of the GEO no. 77/2009.

The Stanleybet Login Group provides fresh new talents with training at its Academy, a school for the entire betting and gaming sector focused on the forging of bookmaking professionals.

Key factors in training new betting professionals include traditional requirements, coupled with a need to create a place where innovative ideas, entrepreneurial vocation and financial skills can all meet and catalyse the development of new businesses in the sector (agencies, corner stores, service companies, etc.).

Any links to third party websites on the Website are provided solely for your convenience. If you use these links, you will leave the Website. We have not reviewed all these third party websites, we do not control them and we are not responsible for them, for their content or availability. That is why we do not recommend or support their representation or any material found there, or any result that can be obtained from their use. If you decide to access any of the websites related to the Website, you fully assume all risks. You may not create links to the Website without our prior written consent.

Stanleybet Login

Stanley was established in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1958 and, after over 20 years of development in Ireland, relocated to England in 1979, setting up its headquarters in Liverpool.

Leisure Plc. The Stanley Leisure share quickly joined the prestigious ranks of the market’s 250 blue chips used each day to calculate the stock exchange index.

Stanley International, a 50/50 joint venture between Stanley Leisure Plc and an Italo-British player was established in July 1997 and immediately began overseas operations in Croatia and Italy.

In 1998, Stanley Leisure Plc requested authorisation from the Italian Ministry of Finance to participate, with its 100 betting shops, in the test phase for betting assigned to SNAI as a monopoly. The Ministry’s response was that it could only tender once the test phase was complete. But the 1999 call for bids for 1,000 concessions included certain disqualification clauses: publicly listed companies were not eligible to tender. Following Stanley’s complaint with the European Commission, a violation procedure was commenced against Italy. However, it was not until the rulings of Court of Justice Judges Gambelli (2003) and Placanica (2007) that Stanley’s disqualification was found to be in violation of EU law.

In May 2005, Stanley Leisure sold all its betting shops in the UK (approximately 700) to William Hill, while remaining a leader in England with its casinos and focusing on significant development in Europe through its investee Stanley International.

The Italian government put nine-year concessions up for tender in August 2006, but the clauses on the distances between points-of-sale favoured the 1,000 winners of the 1999 call, from which Stanley had been unfairly excluded. Stanley took action and, in 2012, Judge Costa Cifone with the Court of Justice ruled that the Italian government had, with the clause in the invitation to tender (under the Bersani decree), once again violated EU law to Stanley’s detriment.

September 2006: the Malaysian group Genting International launched a complete takeover bid on the London Stock Exchange for Stanley Leisure Plc. The bid was a success.

The following month, the Italo-British owner of 50% of Stanley International acquired the residual 50% from Genting International, assuming complete control of the English holding company that controls the entire group.

In 2012, Stanley and the Italian Regulator, ADM, met informally to discuss Stanley’s participation in another invitation to tender for a nine-year concession. However, the Monti decree unexpectedly established a concession term of only three years and included a clause requiring the free transfer of the network at the end of the concession, making it impossible for high-profile companies to participate. Following the dispute that arose, the Court of Justice (Laezza’s decision of 2016) yet again confirmed that the Italian government was in violation of EU law with the free network transfer clause.

Stanleybet Login

Meetings were held with the Italian Regulator and an understanding was reached for Stanley to tender for online services. Since then, Stanley has run betting operations remotely in Italy with a valid ADM licence. Stanley hopes to reach an agreement as soon as possible for retail services as well, and is putting all its efforts in this direction.

In 2014, at the end of the long non-competition period agreed with William Hill, Stanley resumed operations in the United Kingdom: it opened its first shop in this new era on 14 February 2014 in Liverpool.

Stanley holds a licence for retail and/or online operations in the United Kingdom and many other European countries. Only its Italian operations are cross-border under a Maltese licence, due to the discrimination that Stanley has faced in accessing Italian concessions, in violation of EU law, as confirmed by multiple rulings of the Court of Justice and Italian judges, including at the highest levels.


The terms represent the entire contract between us and prevail over the previous contracts, understandings or agreements related to the Website and Services. Each of us acknowledges that, by applying these terms, none of us relies on any statement, representation, insurance or guarantee (“Representation”) of a person, other than that expressly set out in the Terms, as often as necessary. Each of us agrees that the only rights or remedies available to us, arising in connection with the Representation, will be a breach of the contract, as provided in the Terms. Nothing in this section and these Terms shall exclude or limit the liability for fraud.


If no transactions have been recorded on your Account for twelve (12) months, we will close your Account and return the balance from your Account to the same account from where the amounts were deposited, from the original account or if this is not possible (for example because that account no longer exists) and if we cannot contact you and arrange the remittance (by sending within 5 working days a notification to the email address you have provided to us as part of the Customer Information and we have not received from you the payment confirmation of the funds for one (1) year from the notification date) we will remit this balance to the state budget in accordance with the legal provisions.


The services are intended for your personal entertainment and non-professional use. Any other use of the Services is strictly forbidden. By registering on the Website in accordance with section 4, you may only access games and tournaments such as “gamble” or “demo game”.

You will be required to deposit a sum of money before you can gamble.

Stanleybet Login

At our absolute discretion, we may change the Website and Services at any time (including, but not limited to, changes to the terms and/or odds of betting and games of chance) provided that such actions do not affect ongoing gambling and provided that such changes will only be made after their approval by the Supervisory Committee of ONJN.

At our absolute discretion, we will be entitled either to refuse to open an Account or to close it at any time (subject to the remittance of any funds deposited by you and subject to other provisions of these Terms) and we will also be entitled, at our absolute discretion, to deny access or limit the amount of money bet on, or through the Website.

The organizer can cancel the winnings and close the game account if there are suspicions that a game account is used for illegal, fraudulent or dishonest practices.

Occasionally, we may restrict your access to or to a part of the Website, for reasons of maintenance or modification thereof.

Although we do our best to ensure the accuracy of the Website, its updating and error elimination, we cannot guarantee this aspect. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that the Website will be suitable for any purpose. Any trust granted to the information on this Website will be granted at your own risk.

Thus, any information found within the website, including statistics related to the events included in the LIVE offer, is for information purposes, the player having the obligation to verify the information from external sources.

Any content is provided solely for the purpose of your general information and to inform you about us, our products and news, features, services and other websites that may be of interest. It does not constitute technical, financial or legal guidance or any other type of guidance and should not be considered as basis for any purpose whatsoever. We may change or update the information on this Website, under the legal conditions, without any notification.

We try to make sure that the Website is available for your use, but there may be times when the Website is unavailable or interrupted during its use, which we apologize for. Please be aware that we may suspend or terminate operations on this Website at any time we deem necessary.

Once the bet is placed on the Website, it can no longer be changed, withdrawn or canceled by you.

We reserve the right at our discretion, to cancel an event and to limit/ refuse/ cancel any bets in your Account, if there are problems with the data used to manage an event or other technical difficulties affecting the event.

In these circumstances, we assume no responsibility for your inability to place appropriate bets on the Website.

Where your Account has been blocked/ closed/ excluded or for any queries you have regarding the website and/or your Account, you can contact customer service at the address, which, among other things, it may help you recover any funds in your Account.

The Stanleybet Group CEO, Giovanni Garrisi, shortlisted as Chief Executive Officer of the year

Betting Risk Management, helpdesk service, development of the Gaming platform, development of the Sales Network, Shop operations are only a small part of all our activities.

Stanleybet Login

Contact us to find out more about the career possibilities and join our Network.


Applicable law may require that such information or communications we send to you be in writing. When you use the Website, you agree that the method of communication with us will be primarily electronic. We will contact you by email or provide you with information by posting notifications on the Website. For contractual purposes, you agree to these electronic forms of communication to conclude the contracts you have signed with us on the basis of the Terms (waiving any applicable rights or requirements that would require a handwritten signature, within the limits allowed by any applicable law) and acknowledge that all contracts, notifications, information and other communications we provide electronically are in accordance with any legal requirement, according to which such communications must be in writing. This condition does not affect your statutory rights.

Stanleybet Login


To maintain a level of security and integrity of the Website, we reserve the right to conduct security reviews at any time to validate the identity, age and other registration data you have provided, to verify that the use of both the Services and your financial transactions are in full compliance with the Terms and all applicable laws. As a result, you authorize us and those who act on our behalf to make all the necessary investigations regarding you and for us to use and disclose to any third party we consider necessary to validate the information provided by you in accordance with the Terms, including, but not limited to ordering a credit report, and/or in another case to verify the information with third party databases. In addition, in order to facilitate the security reviews, you agree to provide such information or documentation when we will reasonably require this.


In time, most people bet by their own means, for some people betting can become a problem. If you feel that you have a problem with betting, we, as the operator responsible for betting, offer you the possibility of “self-exclusion” from using the Services on the Account and the possibility of self-testing. For further details on this possibility, please access the “Responsible Gambling” section of the Website, which we undertake to comply with.

You are out of luck today! There are no games here.


• The acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of any government.

Financial Statements

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The Stanleybet Group and Magellan Robotech, the group’s b2b brand, received two prestigious nominations, respectively in the categories ‘In-house Product Innovation’ and ‘Software Supplier’ at the EGR Italy Awards 2020. The EGR Italy Awards will virtually bring together Italy’s leading online gaming operators and service providers to celebrate industry excellence over the past 12 months….


Occasionally, we will offer bonuses as part of the promotional/ marketing campaign.

More details about each bonus scheme will be published on the Website as they are introduced. Bonuses can only be withdrawn if the bonus conditions are met.

Stanleybet Login

Bonus conditions usually require bonuses be rolled over a number of times, as detailed in the terms and conditions of the specific offer.

If, a sum is credited in the Player Account as part of a promotion, the Player may only use the amount to place bets on the website. The Player is not allowed to withdraw his money, unless the rules of the promotion so provide. We reserve the right to take back these amounts, if the Player does not use them to place one or several bets on websites during the period specified in the promotion.

All bonuses issued by us may only be used for the games and may not be transferred or paid unless the relevant bonus conditions are met.

All bonuses have an expiration date. If the relevant bonus conditions are not met by the relevant expiration date, we reserve the right to cancel or debit the bonus from your Account as well as the winnings resulting from the bets placed with bonus amounts.

The terms and conditions of any bonus or promotion may provide that the bonus or promotion is restricted to specific criteria: such criteria may only include specific events. You will consider the restrictions (if any) provided for in the terms and conditions of any special promotion.

We reserve the right to offer a certain bonus to a particular customer or group of customers.

Deposits through electronic wallets are not eligible to request deposit bonuses, including the welcome offer or any other promotional code.

If a special event is canceled and the bets are void, that bet will not contribute to the fulfillment of the bonus requests. Players who abuse the bonus system by any means whatsoever may have the bonus revoked at our discretion. Finally, we reserve the right to make changes or finalize a bonus or a promotion when we deem it necessary.

Moreover, if any kind of bonus was offered by us to your Account, but was not used by you within 90 days as of this event, we reserve the right to recover that bonus and change your Account accordingly, without prior notification.

In the case of stake returns – loss bonuses, the Organizer may decide to return the stakes or amounts played, in whole or in a certain percentage as a bonus whose roll over conditions may be different as provided in the specific terms and conditions.

Each type of bonus above will be defined and regulated by a specific regulation which will specify: the expiration conditions, the roll over conditions, the cancellation conditions, the granting conditions and any other specific conditions.

The granting of bonuses is restricted to an account holder except for the campaigns that explicitly specify that the bonus can be accessed several times by a player. At the same time, they are limited to a single user, IP address, computer device, family, residential address, telephone number, e-mail address and environments in which computers are used jointly (household, work place, etc.).

If a customer violates the provisions regarding the bonuses, MEGABET INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to close the game account/games accounts involved in the fraudulent action.


• Which represents a threat, defamation, obscenity, indecency, is seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, possibly instigating racial hatred, discrimination, scandal, is blasphemous, which violates in-timacy, trust, which can offend, create inconvenience or damage to our reputation or for those working for us.

• For which you did not obtain all the necessary licenses and/or approvals.

• Which constitutes or encourages behavior that can be considered criminal, which leads to civil liabil-ity or is against the law, namely conflicts with the rights of any third party, from any country in the world.

• Which can be technically harmful (including, but not limited to, computer viruses, logic bombs, Tro-jan horses, worms, harmful components, corrupt data, other malicious software or malicious data).

You are not allowed to misuse the Website (including, but not limited to hacking) and thus we reserve the right to monitor the use of the Website (including but not limited to any “chat” or similar facilities available on the Website). In connection with any “chat” or similar facilities available on the Website, you will be in line with the guide we publish periodically on this subject and will not submit personal information thereon, copies or other uses of personal information which others could publish on such facilities (we will be entitled to immediately remove such information without notification, but we will not be liable for it).

- Do not use the “chat” facility to send “spams” (e.g., unsolicited and unrequested information sent to multiple users) to other users of the Website or otherwise to wish to stop “chats” through “scrolling”.

- Do not use the “chat” facility to conspire or seek to conspire, in relation to betting on the Website, with any other user of the website.

We will cooperate with any law or court decision enforcement authorities requesting or directing us to disclose the identity or location of any posting, any material contravention of section 14 and, without causing any harm, to report to the competent authorities any suspicious “chat” for further investigations.

Any breach of the above will result in the suspension and/or cancellation of the Account.


Although the terms have been translated into several languages to help the Website users and they officially reflect the same principles, the language of the Terms is Romanian and as a result, in the event of non-compliance, ambiguity or conflict between the Romanian translation of the Terms and any other language into which the Terms have been translated, the translation into Romanian will prevail. The same applies both to the rules and regulations of the different games offered on the Website, as well as to the rules related to bonus schemes and conditions.

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