Nightvision... COME ON!!! This is just freaking cool. LOL Not my comment but so cute, I had to leave it on! Night goggles would be great if you have to move at night..

How to Move Apps to an SD Card on Your Android Device

Here's how to offload Android apps to an SD card to free up storage space on your phone!

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Encourage Checkout Completion With A Well Designed Form. After choosing products, entering discount codes and getting the debit card ready, what is standing between your customer completing their purchase and just giving up? A form. A big, long form. If you have a willing customer determined to complete this purchase quickly, repetitive error alerts and unclear error messaging is bound to frustrate them and potentially lose you that sale.

How to Move Apps to an SD Card on Your Android Device

Here's how to offload Android apps to an SD card to free up storage space on your phone!

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Moobile Login is now BEON and here’s why.

In April 2011, I met with Damian my co-founder at a coffee shop in the trendy neighborhood of Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires. Even though we had seen each other before, it was the very first time we talked. Damian and I went to the same high school together and a mutual friend connected us. In that same talk, we decided to found a Tech Studio, merging his web and backend knowledge with my experience in developing native mobile apps. Two weeks later the name ‘Moobile’ came up as a word game from ‘mobile’.

Moobile Login

Today, over 7 years later, we own a 25-engineers Tech Studio and we could say 80% of our business is web. Over time, the native apps projects started to decrease. Strategically, we started to recommend building once and deploying anywhere with a Progressive Web App or an Ionic hybrid application.

The decrease was not accidental, it was a reflection of world wide macro numbers that show the same trend. This is one of the reasons we decided to leave ‘Moobile’ in the past, the strong reference to native apps didn’t really represent our business anymore.

We have a second reason which is the most important. Since 2013 we’ve worked exclusively with clients from the US and most of them don’t know how to clearly pronounce Moobile. If this was a video instead of a post, I could tell you 5 different ways people pronounce it. It’s amazing!

Moobile Login

Since that coffee in April 2011 we’ve had numerous experiences with their respective lessons and we’re looking forward to share them, do some catharsis, and consolidate them into our new brand name: BEON. A new identity that represents these stories together with a clear vision for the next 20 years.

These are some of the facts we’re proud of from the last 7 years.

David and Agustina, our first two engineers are still working with us and are positive leaders in the company. Our resignation ratio is very low.

Moobile Login

Additionally, our stats show that we interview 25 candidates before hiring for a particular position. It’s not because we fail in the search, but because we have a highly rigorous recruiting process. These two facts help us having a very experienced and highly qualified team consistently.

We’ve learned that on fixed price projects clients want to get the most of the provider and providers want to get the project done with the fewest resources to improve their profitability. This generates a huge waste of energy on both sides. Everyone wants to ensure that the scope and budget are under control, being less careful about what’s good for the product itself.

Moobile Login

After a couple of frustrating experiences, we decided to only work agile with dynamic scopes by focusing on building the product in the right direction every step of the way. Clients pay what they use and our job is to ensure they use wisely. We take care of our clients money as if it was our money. That is actually our secret formula.

We’ve made 10 business trips to the US in which we made great friends who trust us and recommend us with their friends. We call them our partners and without them our growth wouldn’t have been possible.

After 7 years of pure learning, we decided to make a capital injection with the purpose of taking BEON to the next level.

Moobile Login

The vision is clear and our hope is to achieve it! If you received this post’s link it’s because you’re very important to us. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line with your feedback, it will be highly appreciated.

Michel Cohen, Co-founder.

Moobile Login

Google’s new suite of Social reports within their Analytics platform launches tomorrow. Among the new features, users can compare last-click to assisted conversions, see Social Visitors Flow, view select social streams in Analytics, and more.

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